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  • Lead By Example - Enter the 2015 Core77 Design Awards by March 3rd

    Are you familiar with the 2015 Core77 Design Awards? This annual celebration of excellence in all areas of design reveals the ideas, methods and creativity that fuel the future of design progress. More importantly, this awards program is about you and your designs and there are so many reasons to enter. Your designs deserve to be seen. You deserve to be recognized for your contribution to the greater design community. You have an opportunity to lead by exmaple when you enter the 2015 Core77 Design Awards. If you aren't sure about submitting your work, this post is for you.

    Core77 Design Awards

  • Designs We Are Grateful For

    Admit it - It can be easy to get caught up in the designs that "wow" us and overlook those that may be less flashy, but have a more meaningful impact on the world. With Thanksgiving just a few days away, we at Coroflot pause to express gratitude for all the designs and innovations that do more than just impress the commercial masses. Here is a hand-picked collection of projects from Coroflot designers for whose socially and environmentally mindful work we are truly grateful.

  • 5 Tips for a Job Winning Portfolio

    As a creative professional, you want to work for innovative companies and produce award winning work, right?. Of course! But no matter how talented and sharp you are, if your portfolio doesn't represent you well, it's going to be tough to land that kind of job. Do yourself, and your career, a favor by making sure you have the following list of portfolio-enhancing tips nailed down. Doing so will ensure you are easy to discover and hard to ignore when hiring manager and recruiters are looking for a high caliber designer.

    Portfolio Tips

  • Introducing Designing Here/Now: The Definitive Design Book Everyone Needs

    Thanks to the Internet, design and its practitioners are more accessible than ever. Unfortunately, however, many of these online design resources lack the substance and detail we all crave. Those who truly appreciate design want to understand more than just the materials used or the technique applied. It's about understanding where a designer is coming from, what language they speak through their work and what they intended their work to convey. Thankfully, Core77 just published a book that offers the valuable insight and depth so many design resources lack. It's called Designing Here/Now, and whether you are a practicing designer, someone who hires design talent, or just someone who loves great design, this book will prove indispensable.

  • Get Into the Holiday Spirit with the Coroflot Wrap Up

    You probably aren't thinking about the holiday season just yet. It's still a few months away and the summer is just winding down, but we have a great reason to get into the holiday spirit a little early this year. It's called the Coroflot Wrap Up and it's a fun way to show off your design skills, get creative with holiday imagery and make a little extra income. The Coroflot Wrap Up will be a line of wrapping paper sold exclusively through and designed by Coroflot members! This post serves as the official invite for all Coroflot members to get involved, design their own holiday-themed wrapping paper and sell their wrapping paper on Zazzle.

  • Coroflot Wrap Up Instructions - Get In On the Fun

    If you want to participate in the Coroflot Wrap Up this year, the following instructions show you everything you need to do in order to start your own Zazzle shop and upload your stellar wrapping paper designs. If you landed and don't know what the Coroflot Wrap Up is, this post will explain everything. Time is running out to have your wrapping paper designs included in the Coroflot Wrap Up collection (deadline is October 1st!) so get started today!

  • 3 Reasons to Make Your Job Postings Funny

    Let's be honest; job search and hiring aren't the most exciting topics to discuss or deal with. For job seekers, it's often a daily cycle of applications, networking and sometimes, outright rejection. Adding a little levity to your job postings can go a long way toward breathing life into the process and making your jobs more effective. Before you post your next job, consider these three reasons why you should infuse humor into the description.

  • Make Your Job Posting Work Harder

    As the fall hiring season approaches (yes, it's almost that time of year again) have you thought about how you will best allocate your time and energy to accomplish more? You know that posting your jobs on boards like Coroflot provides an excellent compliment to your other sourcing efforts, but did you know your job postings could be working harder for you? Here are some tips to ensure that your job posting delivers more traction from the right people so you don't have to work as hard. 

  • Mark Your Calendars! The 2014 Core77 Conference is June 19th!

    It's finally here! The inaugural Core77 Conference has been announced and tickets are on sale. Our friends at Core77 have been talking about organizing this event for years, so now that it's officially on the books, we are excited to share the news about this must attend event with all our design-minded readers. Check out the speaker lineup and location details below, then go register here before tickets sell out (P.s. - There are only 200 tickets available so space is very limited.)


  • We've Updated the Coroflot Experience!

    Perhaps you've noticed some changes on Coroflot in the past week? We are always thinking of ways to make Coroflot the best portfolio hosting, job finding and job posting experience you've ever had. This week, we quietly unveiled a number of updates that will enhance your experience every time you visit our site. 

    Here They Are...

  • Highlights from Coroflot Connects at IxD14, Amsterdam

    The venue was perfect. Hands shook happily amongst a sea of chatter and laughter. The drinks clinked left and right. Our 4th annual Coroflot Connects event in conjunction with the IxDA Interaction Conference was a huge success. I am pleased to present a few highlights of the evening.

    Take a Look!

  • Talent Showcase: Jennifer Garrett of SDI Technologies

    Jennifer Garrett is an industrial designer currently working in the field of audio consumer electronics for New Jersey-based SDI Technologies. There she leads the design of products and packaging for the headphone division of iHome, the #1 market leader in iPod/iPhone electronics in North America, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Outside of her multi faceted, hands on role at work, Jennifer is also a performer, sword fighter, choreographer, belly dancer, costume creator, set and prop designer. With so many interests and hobbies, and a strong desire to connect with the end user, I had to find out how she transformed her fervent desire to create into a career.

    Here's What She Said

  • Coroflot Connects 2014 is Right Around the Corner!

    What better way to break up the monotonous, post-holiday winter stretch than with a trip to Amsterdam? This year, we're traveling to one of the greatest little cities in the world to sponsor IxDA's Interaction 14 Conference and throw another Coroflot Connects networking party! It's 4 days of interaction idea swapping and great times to be had by all. Will you be there? 

    Come Join the Fun

    Coroflot ConnectsInteraction 14 Conference

  • Talent Showcase: Heather Lee Allen of E.S.Originals

    Heather Lee Allen is a Footwear Designer at E.S.Originals originally hailing from Long Beach, CA, currently living in Brooklyn, NY, who has been specializing in trend-based youth accessories, apparel and product design for over a decade. With extensive experience in licensing design and footwear, Heather's character and non character based designs delight customers at Target, Walmart, Claire's, Hot Topic and other specialty stores across the country. I asked Heather how she got started in design and how she stays creatively energized.

    Here's What She Said

    Talent Showcase

  • Employer Spotlight: Bridge Design, San Francisco

    Bridge Design sees their work as creating delightfully integrated user experiences, rather than just exercising the sum of their collective disciplines. They excel in industrial design, design research, engineering and user-interface design for medical and biotech products. As you can see, this isn’t your typical design/innovation firm, so to get the full picture of what it’s like to work there, I asked just about everyone on the Bridge Design team to answer some questions about why they love working there, what their clients say about them, and… what’s in their fridge.

    Here’s what everyone said

    Employer SpotlightBridge Design

  • Hand-Picked: October 2013

    Hand-Picked is a monthly installment of carefully selected work drawn from the Featured Project collection currated by Core77's own Eric Ludlum. October's hand-picked selection includes a beautifully rendered mythical creature, a refreshing look at water conservation and some very stylish accessories to combat the cold. You’ll find all these, and many more featured projects, on the Coroflot Homepage.

    See The Hand Picked Projects

    Fashion/ApparelProduct DesignIllustrationIndustrial DesignSustainabilityInteraction Design

  • Designing the Right Salary: Negotiation Tips

    You need money. Someone else needs your specific skills/energy/knowledge. If only getting the right salary was that simple. Since it's not, and it's a professional skill we must all hone, I've distilled a few pieces of sage advice on salary negotiation from the Core77 Discussion boards for you.

    These are just a few of the highlights, so make sure to visit the Design Employment board regularly for even more career, salary, interview and general job search advice. 

    Let's Negotiate

    Salary Negotiation

  • Employer Spotlight: LUNAR, San Francisco

    They're like a huge family that happens to create beautiful, ingenious and charismatic products together. LUNAR has been at the forefront of product design innovation since 1984 and they're still growing, so I asked Jeff Salazar, Vice President of Design at LUNAR, how he builds such impressive teams, what it's like to be a LUNARite and what question he likes asking prospective employees.

    Here's What he Said

    Employer Spotlight

  • Hand-Picked: September 2013

    Hand-Picked is a monthly installment of carefully selected work drawn from the Featured Project collection currated by Core77's own Eric Ludlum. September’s hand-picked selection of featured Coroflot work includes kitchen tools reimagined, a "brand new" Google product, and the perfect pair of boots for defeating evildoers. You’ll find all these on the Coroflot Homepage.

    See The Hand Picked Projects

    Industrial DesignProduct DesignConcept ArtIllustration

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