• Six Reasons Why Your Portfolio Isn't Getting Looked At

    You've got some fantastic hand skills, a creative streak a mile-wide, and you love doing design work the way most people love eating cheesecake. You might even be perfect for this job, and in a tight market, that's really saying something; the good openings get positively flooded with applications. But I couldn't say if your portfolio is one of the good ones, because I didn't look at it. I'm sure it was phenomenal. A real eye-popper. But you skipped a few simple, non-negotiable steps, and that just wrecked it before it even got a chance. Sorry. Here are the six most glaring reasons why your splendid document or website never saw the light of day.

  • Staff Picks Of The Week: November 18

    With the exception of a mind-bending chair design, the theme that stood out for us this week was a wide range of colors that pop and excite. Most of the projects we have included here grab you with eclectic, vibrant color palettes and also because of the clarity of artistic vision applied, despite the fact that they were commissioned for business purposes. Without further ado, here are the five projects that left us smitten this week!  

  • 5 Awesome Companies Hiring Right Now: November 17

    Each week the world’s top companies choose Coroflot as the place to post jobs in hopes of finding a member of our talented community to join their team. The connection we provide between employers and creative professionals is what has made us a trusted job marketplace for twenty years. If you’re an employer, posting a job to Coroflot is quick and affordable. If you’re a job seeker, there are tons of new opportunities to get hired by amazing companies every week on Coroflot. Check out these five awesome companies hiring right now!

  • That’s Flawesome: A Minimalist Wrench Set

    Not too long ago, we stumbled across a blog that caught our attention. Started by three friends with backgrounds in industrial design and art direction, That’s Flawesome came across as a much-needed reminder that not all designs are created equal, no matter how visually pleasing they appear to be. Each blog entry focused on a particular design to focus on, and what we especially liked was the way these guys balanced constructive criticism with useful suggestions and, of course, a sense of humor. Clearly, these guys were excited about design, and instead of picking each project apart, they approached their critique from a sense of fairness and joy, hence the name That’s Flawesome.

    We are excited to feature That’s Flawesome on the Coroflot blog because we appreciate their honesty and insight when it comes to the design world. Remember that each entry is written in good fun and entirely subjective. The critiques presented by That’s Flawesome do not reflect the opinions of the Coroflot team, although we do find them to be entertaining. We hope you enjoy!  

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