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  • 5 Awesome Companies Hiring Right Now

    Each week the world’s top companies choose Coroflot as the place to post jobs in hopes of finding a member of our talented community to join their team. The connection we provide between employers and creative professionals is what has made us a trusted job marketplace for twenty years. If you’re an employer, posting a job to Coroflot is quick and affordable. If you’re a job seeker, there are tons of new opportunities to get hired by amazing companies every week on Coroflot. Check out these five awesome companies hiring right now!

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  • Writing a Creative Job Posting: 8 Ways to Land the Perfect Candidate

    Job seekers tend to get the bulk of attention from bloggers and the media, which makes sense considering the fact that we’ve all been one at some point or another, so naturally there are plenty of people looking to offer advice in some way. But what about those on the other side? You know, the ones actually doing the hiring. The creative job market is a two-sided affair, and just as there are plenty of do's and don'ts for the job seeker, there are easily avoidable mistakes that many companies make when embarking on a talent search.

    The search process, as anyone who's completed one can attest, is a huge pile of work. Not only do multiple interviews need to be prepared for and conducted, but countless portfolios need reviewing, travel and scheduling logistics must be arranged, references need checking...and that's all after the initial job description has been formulated and publicized. Like many labor-intensive endeavors in the creative world, though, much of a hiring's ultimate success depends on the earliest steps. A job that's well-defined is easier to fill, and a job posting (if that's how you choose to publicize) that's clear and compelling can raise your quotient of good candidates dramatically.

    Coroflot being a job-listing website, we're inclined to focus on the posting step. We've seen enough of them over the past few years to have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't. Whether you're getting ready to look for your next creative wunderkind, procrastinating about starting the process because it's too daunting, or simply wondering why you keep getting applications from the wrong people, here are 8 ways to snag the right person for the job...

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  • First Impressions – The Resume With A Hook

    When was the last time you finished reading anything that didn’t grab your attention within the first few sentences? Can you imagine reading an article that started slow and grew less interesting with each passing sentence? 

    Welcome to a regular part of being a hiring manager. Today’s resume is often guided by antiquated prescriptions that almost guarantee it will lull the reader to sleep. Thankfully, creative folks like you have the ability to kick convention in the face and create a professional resume that intrigues, informs and convinces, without that pesky drowsiness. The first step: lead with an effective opening hook.

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