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  • Writing a Creative Job Posting: 8 Ways to Land the Perfect Candidate

    Job seekers tend to get the bulk of attention from bloggers and the media, which makes sense considering the fact that we’ve all been one at some point or another, so naturally there are plenty of people looking to offer advice in some way. But what about those on the other side? You know, the ones actually doing the hiring. The creative job market is a two-sided affair, and just as there are plenty of do's and don'ts for the job seeker, there are easily avoidable mistakes that many companies make when embarking on a talent search.

    The search process, as anyone who's completed one can attest, is a huge pile of work. Not only do multiple interviews need to be prepared for and conducted, but countless portfolios need reviewing, travel and scheduling logistics must be arranged, references need checking...and that's all after the initial job description has been formulated and publicized. Like many labor-intensive endeavors in the creative world, though, much of a hiring's ultimate success depends on the earliest steps. A job that's well-defined is easier to fill, and a job posting (if that's how you choose to publicize) that's clear and compelling can raise your quotient of good candidates dramatically.

    Coroflot being a job-listing website, we're inclined to focus on the posting step. We've seen enough of them over the past few years to have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't. Whether you're getting ready to look for your next creative wunderkind, procrastinating about starting the process because it's too daunting, or simply wondering why you keep getting applications from the wrong people, here are 8 ways to snag the right person for the job...

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  • Is Your Job Posting a Great Read?

    After working in the job search and recruitment industry for so many years, most job postings I read start to blur together. They all have the same headers, sections of information, old-school phrasing, wash-rinse-repeat. The few job postings I see that break the monotony are truly appreciated, down right refreshing to read and memorable.

    You know who else appreciates interesting, creatively crafted job descriptions? JOB SEEKERS. If you think your job postings might fall into the "same ol', same ol'" category, take a cue from these postings on Coroflot that were great reads.

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  • Better Job Titles For Better Results

    There resides more power in the title of a job you post online than you may know. Similar to the resumes you review, job seekers devote only a few seconds to a job posting before choosing to keep reading or moving on to the next opportunity. If you want to attract the best and most discerning talent, make sure your job title catches their eye.

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