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  • Where's Your Resume?

    Do designers and creative professionals need complete, detailed, well written resumes? 

    Yes. Absolutely. Unequivocally yes! 

    You may be thinking, “But my work speaks for itself!” or “detailed resumes are just for corporate squares,” but the truth is, if you want to land a great job, packing a well written and creative resume in your professional arsenal increases your chances of being found and being hired.

    Let’s consider three big reasons to invest your time and energy in a resume.

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  • First Impressions – The Resume With A Hook

    When was the last time you finished reading anything that didn’t grab your attention within the first few sentences? Can you imagine reading an article that started slow and grew less interesting with each passing sentence? 

    Welcome to a regular part of being a hiring manager. Today’s resume is often guided by antiquated prescriptions that almost guarantee it will lull the reader to sleep. Thankfully, creative folks like you have the ability to kick convention in the face and create a professional resume that intrigues, informs and convinces, without that pesky drowsiness. The first step: lead with an effective opening hook.

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