Better Job Titles For Better Results

There resides more power in the title of a job you post online than you may know. Similar to the resumes you review, job seekers devote only a few seconds to a job posting before choosing to keep reading or moving on to the next opportunity. If you want to attract the best and most discerning talent, make sure your job title catches their eye.

Refer to these reliable Do’s and Don’ts before writing your next job description.

Do include the title and location, but don’t include the zip code, parking space, cubicle number, etc. This may seem like a no brainer, but perhaps you’ve seen job postings online with a mile of extraneous data attached to the title? Those appear to be written by robots, and who wants to work for a robot? 

Do make the job title long enough to communicate the most important information, but don’t go overboard. Between 25 and 40 characters total is a great length. It’s just enough to include the most relevant information with allowance for easily abbreviated words like “senior” and “User Experience.” 

Do include keywords that are relevant to the job and identify the responsibilities, but please don’t use words that describe candidates who practice magic, are covert agents specializing in unorthodox warfare, or are referred to by others as “master” or “teacher”. These descriptors are passé and often snickered at by candidates and other job posters. 

Do write your job title to the candidate you want. Don’t write your job title according to the job you want to fill. This article from the Harvard Business Review points to the value of not limiting your pool of potential candidates with a hyper specific job title. In some cases, it pays to write a job title that speaks more to knowledge, skills and ability than just a predetermined position. 

Lastly, Do get creative whenever possible and use the title to make a good impression about your company. It’s the first thing your next dream hire might see so make it count. Don’t hesitate to ask questions below about your own job descriptions, or reach out to us at Coroflot at We’re always happy to help out!

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