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  • How to Rock Your New Coroflot Profile

    Since we released the Coroflot Profile Updates, we’ve seen our members produce some impressive and highly creative profiles for themselves. Their profiles appear bigger, look bolder and are full of more pertinent information thanks to the new formatting and functionality.    

    If you haven’t updated to the new profile format yet, or if you have, but haven’t taken full advantage of all the new features, let this checklist guide you towards creating a new Coroflot profile that will grab attention and help you get discovered.

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  • Introducing The New Coroflot Profiles

    As the creative and design industries in which we all work and play evolve, so too should the tools we rely on. Today, it is my pleasure to formally introduce you to the expanded Profile features now available exclusively to Coroflot members! 

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  • Welcome to The Compass

    After nearly 14 years of serving the creative and design community with porfolio hosting solutions and employment opportunities, we decided it was time to bring you more. Introducing The Compass, a brand new blog from Coroflot designed to make navigating your creative career and hiring strategies easier. This collection of editorial and curated content will come in handy when you want your job postings to perform better, find an edge in your job search or if you just want exciting design and creative work sent straight to your inbox. 

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