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  • Introducing the New Coroflot Application Process

    To celebrate two decades as the place where creative professionals can connect with exciting job opportunities, the Coroflot team will be rolling out some exciting changes over the next year. These changes will be big and small, and all of them will elevate the Coroflot experience as a whole. This week we’re thrilled to release the first of those changes: the Coroflot application process. Click here to find out more...

  • Introducing Designing Here/Now: The Definitive Design Book Everyone Needs

    Thanks to the Internet, design and its practitioners are more accessible than ever. Unfortunately, however, many of these online design resources lack the substance and detail we all crave. Those who truly appreciate design want to understand more than just the materials used or the technique applied. It's about understanding where a designer is coming from, what language they speak through their work and what they intended their work to convey. Thankfully, Core77 just published a book that offers the valuable insight and depth so many design resources lack. It's called Designing Here/Now, and whether you are a practicing designer, someone who hires design talent, or just someone who loves great design, this book will prove indispensable.

  • Get Into the Holiday Spirit with the Coroflot Wrap Up

    You probably aren't thinking about the holiday season just yet. It's still a few months away and the summer is just winding down, but we have a great reason to get into the holiday spirit a little early this year. It's called the Coroflot Wrap Up and it's a fun way to show off your design skills, get creative with holiday imagery and make a little extra income. The Coroflot Wrap Up will be a line of wrapping paper sold exclusively through and designed by Coroflot members! This post serves as the official invite for all Coroflot members to get involved, design their own holiday-themed wrapping paper and sell their wrapping paper on Zazzle.

  • How to Rock Your New Coroflot Profile

    Since we released the Coroflot Profile Updates, we’ve seen our members produce some impressive and highly creative profiles for themselves. Their profiles appear bigger, look bolder and are full of more pertinent information thanks to the new formatting and functionality.    

    If you haven’t updated to the new profile format yet, or if you have, but haven’t taken full advantage of all the new features, let this checklist guide you towards creating a new Coroflot profile that will grab attention and help you get discovered.

    Learn How Here


  • Introducing The New Coroflot Profiles

    As the creative and design industries in which we all work and play evolve, so too should the tools we rely on. Today, it is my pleasure to formally introduce you to the expanded Profile features now available exclusively to Coroflot members! 

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