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  • Submit The Perfect Coroflot Application With These 8 Tips

    With the newly revamped Coroflot application process, we’ve set a more defined bar, one that we believe reflects the standards of the companies that trust us as the go-to source for hiring creative talent. The application process is also meant to bring out the finest work in the Coroflot community and to support the members who have worked hard to develop their skillsets. Think of your Coroflot profile as a calling card, something that will be seen by the world’s most respected companies. In other words, the stakes are high and so are the standards we use. Read our 8 tips to help you ace the Coroflot application process...

  • Writing a Creative Job Posting: 8 Ways to Land the Perfect Candidate

    Job seekers tend to get the bulk of attention from bloggers and the media, which makes sense considering the fact that we’ve all been one at some point or another, so naturally there are plenty of people looking to offer advice in some way. But what about those on the other side? You know, the ones actually doing the hiring. The creative job market is a two-sided affair, and just as there are plenty of do's and don'ts for the job seeker, there are easily avoidable mistakes that many companies make when embarking on a talent search.

    The search process, as anyone who's completed one can attest, is a huge pile of work. Not only do multiple interviews need to be prepared for and conducted, but countless portfolios need reviewing, travel and scheduling logistics must be arranged, references need checking...and that's all after the initial job description has been formulated and publicized. Like many labor-intensive endeavors in the creative world, though, much of a hiring's ultimate success depends on the earliest steps. A job that's well-defined is easier to fill, and a job posting (if that's how you choose to publicize) that's clear and compelling can raise your quotient of good candidates dramatically.

    Coroflot being a job-listing website, we're inclined to focus on the posting step. We've seen enough of them over the past few years to have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't. Whether you're getting ready to look for your next creative wunderkind, procrastinating about starting the process because it's too daunting, or simply wondering why you keep getting applications from the wrong people, here are 8 ways to snag the right person for the job...

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  • 5 Tips for a Job Winning Portfolio

    As a creative professional, you want to work for innovative companies and produce award winning work, right? Of course! But no matter how talented and sharp you are, if your portfolio doesn't represent you well, it's going to be tough to land that kind of job. Do yourself, and your career, a favor by making sure you have the following list of portfolio-enhancing tips nailed down. Doing so will ensure you are easy to discover and hard to ignore when hiring manager and recruiters are looking for a high caliber designer.

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  • 3 Reasons to Make Your Job Postings Funny

    Let's be honest; job search and hiring aren't the most exciting topics to discuss or deal with. For job seekers, it's often a daily cycle of applications, networking and sometimes, outright rejection. Adding a little levity to your job postings can go a long way toward breathing life into the process and making your jobs more effective. Before you post your next job, consider these three reasons why you should infuse humor into the description.

  • Qualities of a Strong Portfolio That Opens Doors

    When was the last time you took a good look at your portfolio? It's one of the most important tools you have to get yourself noticed and/or hired in this highly competitive creative landscape. In this post, Coroflot co-founder Stu Constantine describes the top five qualities of powerful and effective portfolio. Take the time this weekend to do a thorough self-review of your portfolio to make sure it possesses these qualities. 

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