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  • 5 Tips for a Job Winning Portfolio

    As a creative professional, you want to work for innovative companies and produce award winning work, right?. Of course! But no matter how talented and sharp you are, if your portfolio doesn't represent you well, it's going to be tough to land that kind of job. Do yourself, and your career, a favor by making sure you have the following list of portfolio-enhancing tips nailed down. Doing so will ensure you are easy to discover and hard to ignore when hiring manager and recruiters are looking for a high caliber designer.

    Portfolio Tips

  • 3 Reasons to Make Your Job Postings Funny

    Let's be honest; job search and hiring aren't the most exciting topics to discuss or deal with. For job seekers, it's often a daily cycle of applications, networking and sometimes, outright rejection. Adding a little levity to your job postings can go a long way toward breathing life into the process and making your jobs more effective. Before you post your next job, consider these three reasons why you should infuse humor into the description.

  • Make Your Job Posting Work Harder

    As the fall hiring season approaches (yes, it's almost that time of year again) have you thought about how you will best allocate your time and energy to accomplish more? You know that posting your jobs on boards like Coroflot provides an excellent compliment to your other sourcing efforts, but did you know your job postings could be working harder for you? Here are some tips to ensure that your job posting delivers more traction from the right people so you don't have to work as hard. 

  • Designing the Right Salary: Negotiation Tips

    You need money. Someone else needs your specific skills/energy/knowledge. If only getting the right salary was that simple. Since it's not, and it's a professional skill we must all hone, I've distilled a few pieces of sage advice on salary negotiation from the Core77 Discussion boards for you.

    These are just a few of the highlights, so make sure to visit the Design Employment board regularly for even more career, salary, interview and general job search advice. 

    Let's Negotiate

    Salary Negotiation

  • Qualities of a Strong Portfolio That Opens Doors

    When was the last time you took a good look at your portfolio? It's one of the most important tools you have to get yourself noticed and/or hired in this highly competitive creative landscape. In this post, Coroflot co-founder Stu Constantine describes the top five qualities of powerful and effective portfolio. Take the time this weekend to do a thorough self-review of your portfolio to make sure it possesses these qualities. 

    Here They Are

    Portfolio Tips

  • Is Your Job Posting a Great Read?

    After working in the job search and recruitment industry for so many years, most job postings I read start to blur together. They all have the same headers, sections of information, old-school phrasing, wash-rinse-repeat. The few job postings I see that break the monotony are truly appreciated, down right refreshing to read and memorable.

    You know who else appreciates interesting, creatively crafted job descriptions? JOB SEEKERS. If you think your job postings might fall into the "same ol', same ol'" category, take a cue from these postings on Coroflot that were great reads.

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    Job Posting

  • Better Job Titles For Better Results

    There resides more power in the title of a job you post online than you may know. Similar to the resumes you review, job seekers devote only a few seconds to a job posting before choosing to keep reading or moving on to the next opportunity. If you want to attract the best and most discerning talent, make sure your job title catches their eye.

    Learn How

    Job Postinghiring

  • Where's Your Resume?

    Do designers and creative professionals need complete, detailed, well written resumes? 

    Yes. Absolutely. Unequivocally yes! 

    You may be thinking, “But my work speaks for itself!” or “detailed resumes are just for corporate squares,” but the truth is, if you want to land a great job, packing a well written and creative resume in your professional arsenal increases your chances of being found and being hired.

    Let’s consider three big reasons to invest your time and energy in a resume.

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  • First Impressions – The Resume With A Hook

    When was the last time you finished reading anything that didn’t grab your attention within the first few sentences? Can you imagine reading an article that started slow and grew less interesting with each passing sentence? 

    Welcome to a regular part of being a hiring manager. Today’s resume is often guided by antiquated prescriptions that almost guarantee it will lull the reader to sleep. Thankfully, creative folks like you have the ability to kick convention in the face and create a professional resume that intrigues, informs and convinces, without that pesky drowsiness. The first step: lead with an effective opening hook.

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