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Employer Spotlight: C42D Creative, Inc. in Queens, NY

Not all successful design studios have to have a Brooklyn address. C42D Creative, Inc. is proof. The Queens-based company is quietly growing, producing serious creative work and pulling in some major clients like Facebook and Reebok. That being said, perhaps “design studio” isn’t the best descriptor for C42D. Since their inception in 2010, they’ve expanded to a full-service firm, taking on complete rebranding projects, website development, advertising, photography and in-store displays. I chatted with CEO, David Card, to learn more about why C42D is so special, as well as find out what he looks for when hiring talent.

What makes C42D unique? 

David Card: I set out to create the company I always wanted to work for. Someplace with an inspiring environment and no drama or politics involved. That’s what C42D is. And that’s why people come to work here. Creating that positive vibe is so important because it translates to dynamic work for our clients. Everybody plays an integral role in making the company successful. So not only do we value design, we value each other.

There’s never a shortage of Reebok footwear at C42D.

What's the office like? 

DC: The office is a collaborative workspace. Everybody has their own area to call home, but no one has to peak around ugly cubicles to share a thought or make a quip.

Patrick Chan doing some retouching on the dual monitor setup.

Why do C42D employees love working there? 

DC: Our team members have a voice and are each a significant part of the company’s growth. Not only that, but it's a comfortable, laid back atmosphere, which is a nice contrast to the fast-paced workflow. But hey, it’s always better to be busy than bored. Also, everybody is encouraged to learn more and develop their skills outside the office. So we set aside an appropriate budget to accommodate our thirst to expand our capabilities.

“Believe in your &#*($&ing self"... that sums up the philosophy at C42D.

What draws candidates to want to work at C42D? 

DC: Aside from growth opportunities and a variety of interesting projects, people gravitate toward C42D for our elite list of clients and high standard for creativity. As much as we love to have fun at work, we take our jobs seriously. Not just because we’re professionals. Our clients demand it. While it may seem like a lot of pressure, it actually creates opportunities to push boundaries and personal limits. And the result is always something beautiful to put in a portfolio. 

What does C42D do for fun as a company?  

DC: We venture out. A lot. It’s always good to break up the day, get out of the office and spend some time together. We gather around the Halal food cart across the street, hit a bar for happy hour, grab some Korean BBQ, head over to Citi Field for a Mets game, or attend an art director’s club event. And we’re always thinking of new things to do. We’re kids at heart. We’ll do most anything for a little midday fun.

It's always casual Friday at C42D.

Which project/client are you most personally proud of to have worked on? 

DC: That’s a tough one. There are so many. One of our most recent clients is Facebook, a little company out of California. We’ve been developing landing pages, presentations, logos, product guides and Google AdWords content for Facebook Business. That was a huge victory for us and we take pride in the fact that we earned that client with our talent. Then, shortly after we won the Facebook account, Reebok asked us to develop the creative look and toolkit for their new running product, ReebokONE. It’s an exciting time to be a part of the C42D team.

Services include levitating sneakers. 

What attracts you to someone's portfolio?

DC: As much as I look for a well-organized portfolio and solid experience, I also look for an intangible quality. That “special something” goes a long way in my book. Presentation is also very important. I’m always keen on how designers showcase their projects. We work with clients that demand greatness, so I want to be wowed when I look at a portfolio.

What tips you off that someone will be a great fit for the company?

DC: Personality, enthusiasm and creativity. Those are the big three. If you have those things, and you love to drink coffee, you’ll do just fine at C42D. Don’t take yourself too seriously, dress casual and come to work ready to create something special. That’s the C42D way.

The employees get to choose the artwork on the walls, even if it’s just a test pattern…

What kinds of benefits and perks do you offer at C42D to compete with other companies in the NYC area?

DC: We have a ton of great benefits for our team members, including lots of vacation time, health plans and 401k, as well as reimbursement for classes that pertain to design. 

I understand you have a freelance position you'd like to fill?

DC: Right now, we’re looking to develop a long term collaborative freelance relationship with a strong, experienced digital copywriter. We have lots of copy to write for collateral materials and new business proposals so we're hoping to find someone that is eager to hit the ground running.

Now that you’ve seen why C42D is such a rad place to work and grow as a designer, check out all their open positions and apply today! 

Employer SpotlightC24D Creative Inc.

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