Hand-Picked: August 2013

This month’s hand-picked selection of featured Coroflot work includes a wonderful poster design for a great analogy, a very "geeky" piece of hi-tech fashion, and a system of relief for anyone who has a desk job.

Pecha Kucha Night 11 by Vidhya Nagarajan

Sometimes, being told, "Do whatever you want!" makes a creative project more difficult to reign in and nail down. Vidhya encountered this dilema when her friend asked her to design the poster for a Pecha Kucha Night. As you can see, her analogy of cats being attracted to milk articulates the theme and vibe of the event perfectly. Check Vidhya's portfolio for more gorgeous and detailed illustrations. 

F&M AudioBand by Waikit Chung

This design earned an honorable mention as a design entry at Desall. "It brings hi-tech and fashion together into a new type of headphone for the real ‘Geek’," says designer Waikit Chung of his creation. I would happily rock a pair of these while traveling and at the gym. What do you think? Let Waikit know by commenting on his project here.  

Lego for Seating Health by Shuangxin Chen

We all know that sitting for too long at a desk isn't good. Whether you're scared it's going to kill you eventually, or you're just not sure how to rock the hunchbacked "look", you'll appreciate this project. Designed with seat, screen and hat based sensors, this product ensures that you don't sit for too long, and, while you are sitting, reminders and alerts keep you from abusing your eyes and neglecting your neck. Watch the video below for a full demonstration and see the rest of Shuangxin's portfolio of work. 

What do you think of these projects? Would you have rather seen other work featured or are these choices dead on? Tell me below what you'd like to see here each month in the Hand-Picked feature or send me an email at hillary.okeefe@coroflot.com. 

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