Hand-Picked: September 2013

This month’s hand-picked selection of featured Coroflot work includes a reimagined set of kitchen tools/kitchen brand, a game console that doesn't exist yet, but probably should, and a pair of boots every fashion forward, justice seeking character needs to get the jump on their enemies.

Cooking tools by Marion Caulet

Tasked with creating kitchen tools that would "conquer" the culinary field with a new brand and a brand launch, Marion Caulet and her team nailed it. They addressed kitchen challenges and aspirations, from seasoning and timing, to dressing and guaging, with an appealing mixture of style and function. See the rest of Marion's industrial and product design portfolio for more creative innovations. 

Google Nexus Orbit Console by Joseph Dumary

It's called, "The first console by Google..." and while it doesn't exist yet, it probably should. This thoughtful concept by Joseph Dumary considers the entire Google experience across multiple devices and pairs it seamlessly with the gaming experience. The addition of Google Glass integration, a wireless set up, a smart battery for energy management and Google Translate for chatting with gaming buddies across the globe proves Joseph thought on everything. His design even caught the attention of Luke Plunkett at Kotaku.com. Watch the video for a complete look at the product offering and check out Joseph's portfolio for more tech concepts. 

Star Flighter Footwear by Joe MacCarthy

Joe MacCarthy is a long time Coroflot member who consistently uploads project that grab our attention. While his professional work as a product design manager runs the gamut from automobiles and packaging to electronics, he calls himself "a concept art stuntman nightly and on weekends," and for good reason. His footwear designs, like Star Flighter Footwear, transform shoes from simple pieces of apparel and fashion into mechanically complex tactical gear, all with a bold, futuristic, and sometimes suggestive style. This design was intended for a line of characters Joe is developing that are airborne and need to jump into action at a moments notice and pounce on surrounding evil doers. How's that for functional footwear? If you haven't already, browse through the rest of Joe's portfolio. You won't be disappointed.

What do you think of these projects? Would you have rather seen other work featured or are these choices dead on? Tell me below what you'd like to see here each month in the Hand-Picked feature or send me an email at hillary.okeefe@coroflot.com

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