How to Rock Your New Coroflot Profile

Since we released the Coroflot Profile Updates, we’ve seen our members produce some impressive and highly creative profiles for themselves. Their profiles appear bigger, look bolder and are full of more pertinent information thanks to the new formatting and functionality.

If you haven’t updated to the new profile format yet, or if you have, but haven’t taken full advantage of all the new features, let this checklist guide you towards creating a new Coroflot profile that will grab attention and help you get discovered. Log in today to upgrade your profile. 

1) Greet Your Viewers With A Kick Ass Header Image 

While your portfolio speaks volumes about you, the new header image feature goes one step further. It’s the first and biggest impression you get to make on your profile and portfolio, so why not choose something that speaks to you and your work? Choose an image that is horizontally oriented and translates well to larger sizes.

Here are a few examples of well-chosen header images:

Victor Toro Footwear Designer Boston, MA
Adrien Angebault industrial designer - Ibride Besançon, France

2) Put Your Best Face Forward With an Updated Avatar

The previous version of the Coroflot profiles used a much smaller image, but unfortunately, just switching over to the new version won’t automatically update your existing avatar. If you already had a Coroflot profile, just log in and upload an image of yourself that is at least 220px by 220px. Making this change will prevent you from having a tiny image swimming in the middle of a much larger, blank avatar space (and who wants that?) If you are a brand new Coroflot member, you’ll be asked to upload an avatar image when you create your profile.

Check out these profiles for great ideas on what to choose for your avatar:

Mat Bogust Director | Structural Packaging Designer Auckland, New Zealand
Alyssa Coletti Furniture & Industrial Designer Morganton, NC
Andy Hamilton Industrial Designer Boston, MA

3) Make Your Summary Work For You

Much like your header image, the summary on your profile is an opening statement that helps make a first impression about who you are, what you do and how you do it. Since it’s probably the first thing viewers will read about you, make it brief but powerful. Those with short attention spans are more likely to read it and those who want to know more about you (and perhaps to hire you?) will get a solid intro about you.

The following Coroflot members locked down solid summaries in just a few descriptive sentences: 

Anastasia Ziemba Freelance Packaging Designer Birdsboro, PA
Jarred Garza Ric Rac Clothing Designer San Francisco, CA

4) Don’t Forget Your Awards and Affiliations

We’ve given you a special spot on the side to show off how honored and connected you are, so why not take advantage of it? If you’ve earned recognitions, whether during or after your formal education/training, add them! If you’re a member of any creative communities and associations, include them!

Here are a few members that took full advantage of the Awards and Affiliations sections: 

Ana Bustios-Tuesta Creative Art Director New York, NY
Clark McCune Senior Industrial Designer Tulsa, OK

5) Choose and Crop Your Work Samples Wisely

Those three samples of your work on your profile are just a taste of what you can do, but they should also demonstrate a broad spectrum of your skill. Select three images that show variety and your strengths at the same time. Once you select your samples, make sure they are cropped properly in the preview. If you don’t crop your images, the final result may appear to be just a small portion of the work, which might look misleading to the viewer.

Take a look at these members who chose and adjusted their work samples perfectly: 

Angela Lauren Graphic Designer Brooklyn, NY
Franklin Gaw Product Designer at Facebook San Francisco, CA

6) Expand Upon and Review Your Work History

We’ve made it super easy for you to upload, import or enter your resume into your profile, but the finishing touches are up to you. If all of your positions consist of just a title, company and location, consider adding more detail to each to explain what you did at each position and how you contributed to the success of the company.

Before you finish editing your profile, check to make sure your work history transferred completely if you chose to upload your resume or import from LinkedIn. In some cases, locations and job titles might need a final review on your behalf to make sure they ended up in the right field.

See the following profiles for good examples of well-assembled work histories:

Sam Hoang Principal User Experience Designer Seattle, WA
Steve Caruso Experiential Designer & Art Director New York, NY

We encourage you to get creative with your new profiles and make them a strong, informative statement about you. Log in today to create yours if you haven't already. If you have any questions about your new profile, or want to share your feedback on them, please leave a comment below, or drop us a line at 



  • Mat Bogust

    Great new feature. Nice work team Coroflot!

  • hillary.okeefe

    Thanks, Mat! And thanks again for lending your profile to this post!

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