Introducing The New Coroflot Profiles

As the creative and design industries in which we all work and play evolve, so too should the tools we rely on. Today, it is my pleasure to formally introduce you to the expanded Profile features now available exclusively to Coroflot members!

We've also created a guide that will show you how to make the most of your new profile. Log in to upgrade your profile today. 

What is it?

Previously, your Coroflot Profile was a standard summary of your personal and professional information that quietly accompanied your portfolio. Now, the completely redesigned Profile structure complements your creative work with a strong statement about who you are, what you do and how you do it. This gives you a complete, and cohesive presence online, making it simple to be found by peers and potential employers while you share what’s most important about you.  

Why did we do it?

Coroflot was founded to connect creative and design professions with great opportunities, and our Profile redesign is a perfect example of our dedication to that mission. By placing a greater emphasis on personal identity and building a new, fielded formatting structure for your professional information, we’ve laid the foundation for a much better search experience on the site. This means it’s easier for you to be found by those who want to hire you or learn more about you and your work. In addition, the work samples on your Profile gives you a one page snapshot with simple upload options that doesn’t require the investment of building a complete portfolio (although we do recommend a portfolio to everyone!) 

How does it work?

For those of you who are new to Coroflot, the sign up process couldn’t be easier. In just a few simple steps, your new Profile is ready and tailored to show as much or as little information about you as you want. We made personalization a priority when we developed these features because we wanted to give you every opportunity to make these profiles your own. Once your Profile is complete, you get a personalized shortened URL and quick share social buttons that make sharing your work a snap. Lastly, as your career and portfolio of work progress, updating your Profile to reflect these changes is incredibly easy and fast.

If you're already a Coroflot member, all you have to do is log in and you'll be guided through the upgrade process in just a few simple steps. All of your existing information and portfolio work will be there, but the upgrade gives you the chance to upload a new avatar, header image and adjust your summary and other personal info. 

What can you do with it? 

Anything you want! Your Coroflot Profile is your ticket to discovery and recognition among peers and potential employers. You can design it to show off your impressive career or reveal your latest projects and pieces of work. It can be the cornerstone to a well-managed personal brand or a centralized showcase of your creative prowess. No matter how you use it, it will open doors for you. 

Accomplish more by signing up for your new Profile today or Log in to upgrade your existing account. 

Here are some great examples of updated Coroflot member profiles.

Ytje Veenstra Illustrator | Ytje Illustration & Drawing Haarlem, Netherlands
Matt Medium Freelance Illustrator/Designer Boston, MA
Andy Hamilton Industrial Designer Boston, MA



  • Ricardo Cordoba

    The updated profile is a nice idea, although I can't help feeling that Coroflot is just following the latest web design trends (hello Facebook Timeline!). And kudos for allowing people to import their LinkedIn resumes... good idea! Same goes for adding a guide on how to take advantage of the new features... I miss the manual that the older version of Coroflot had.

    On the downside, I want to say that there are a few bugs that still need fixing. For example, when the new site design was rolled out, I noticed that the view count goes up when you are viewing images in your own portfolio, which should not be happening! The view count should only go up when others view your work (which is how it worked before the redesign). I reported this the moment I saw it, but it's still happening.

    Last but not least (and this is just my grumpy-sounding personal opinion): having to pick a "power animal" when completing your salary survey is more than a little silly, and doesn't add anything of value to said survey... and the same goes for having a portfolio tag called "Awesomeness," when a bunch of other useful tags are MIA. If you want Coroflot to be taken seriously, please get rid of these two things.

  • Steagall-Condé

    Nice hints! Good improvments! LETS CHECK!

  • guruhegde

    really nice designs and ideas.... keep it up

  • budji tresvalles


  • chandra sekhar karanjit

    very nice work, I like it

  • Kat Ingalls

    How do you guys see fitting in with Behance? As a creative professional, I'm torn with where to showcase my work.

  • uthaman

    nice updation

  • Biggie Beil

    not bad , the old version was poor , not Its more better

  • hillary.okeefe

    Hi Kat, of course I'm going to encourage you to showcase your work here on Coroflot. We're the original and most authentic community for creative professionals like you, and now our new profiles make finding work and collaborative partners even easier. If there's anything else I can help you with, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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