Is Your Job Posting a Great Read?

After working in the job search and recruitment industry for so many years, most job postings I read start to blur together. They all have the same headers, sections of information, old-school phrasing, wash-rinse-repeat. The few job postings I read that break the monotony are truly appreciated, down right refreshing to read and memorable.

You know who else appreciates interesting, creatively crafted job descriptions? JOB SEEKERS. If you think your job postings might fall into the "same ol', same ol'" category, take a cue from these postings from Coroflot that were great reads.

Most recently, an iOS Engineer posting at caught my eye. In no more or fewer words than most other postings, who ever wrote it accomplished the following:

  • They explained why is such a great/fun/awesome place to work at.
  • They gave explicit instructions on how to get your application to the top of the pile.
  • They told a story about the role that was creative, funny and would appeal to anyone who is a sci-fi fan, or has seen The Terminator.

This posting was a great read because it was unexpected AND it made me excited about the idea of ever working at Isn't that exactly what you want job seekers to think about your posting?

Some creative job postings are great to read because they get right to the point. This posting from WWE for a 2D Motion Graphic Artist does exactly that. From a company known for epic entertainment, here is their epic opener:


Tired of Producers insisting your graphics aren’t quite right?

Limited to working only within “approved” graphics packages?

If you love creative freedom and you can thrive in the pressure of live TV, then give your job a choke slam and come work for WWE!"

That's right. "Give your job a choke slam." I've never seen a more brand appropriate or enthusiastic call to action in a posting. Ever. The introduction screams WWE like Triple H from atop the ropes, plus the rest of the posting covers the more technical Qualifications without losing the vibe. It's quick, well branded and energetic. In other words, it's a great read.

Lastly, earlier this summer I chuckled over the stark honesty and sarcastic edge Mirrorball used in their Art Director job posting. To be more specific, their "Underpaid, Bitter, Difficult Art Director" posting. Not only did the title catch my eye, and probably countless job seekers, the description and casual language they used made me want to keep reading. Since this posting has since expired, here are my favorite quotes:

"If you work here, you will churn out such insanely good work, you'll get your portfolio to the point where you'll develop an unbarable ego and start bitching about being underpaid. That's the goal, anyway."


"Client categories include: Beer, Spirits, Soft Drinks, Beauty & Motorcycles (The stuff you want to be working on... and the stuff that your friends will hate you for.)."

Any company that follows their drab "boiler plate" type description with "blah, blah, blah…" knows that their readers, and the people they want to hire, are more interested in the real meat of the job - what they'll be doing and how awesome it's going to be. This type of insight and brazen attitude makes this job posting a great read. 

Now that you've seen postings that run way off the beaten path, how do you think yours compare? If your job posting feels a little hum-drum, try throwing a creative spin on it. You'll be surprised how much more traction and attention it brings in. If you ever need a hand writing a really stand out job description, just drop me a line at I'm always happy to help you post a truly great read.  

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