Like A Boss: August 2013

Like A Boss is a collection of work from Coroflot members that was either found in our Awesomeness category or needs to be moved to our Awesomeness category. Each month you'll find one project or image that wins at being super cool, quirky, amazing, or just plain awesome. 

You probably don't have to be friends with Daniel Gleiberman to know he's a big fan of Halloween. This extravegant creation, found in his Transformer Costume project, won him $5000 at a costume contest and includes electronic and speaker components, all while accurately capturing the shape and movement of Bumblebee from the 2007 movie. 

Daniel says of the process, "I explored multiple forms of building when I began to build this, including computer models for scale and shape, integration of electrical components, and the difficulties of different materials. I included 7 mounted lights and a speaker system mounted into the wheels (to reflect the movie, where the character communicates through the radio) that could be controlled through my left hand and play music from my ipod (including sound bytes from the movie)." 

All of Daniel's costumes (see his portfolio) make my Halloween costume plans seem a little busch league by comparison. Have you ever made a costume like this? Leave a comment and tell me about it. 

If you've created or found a project on Coroflot that you think deserves to be featured for its Awesomeness, I want to hear from you. Send me a note at about the work and why it should be next month's Like A Boss feature.



  • ASK: Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

    HILLARY - PETER: I could not have said it any better than to describe Dan Gleiberman's work asAWESOME. That kid has a future in Hollywood Movie Making. Somebody sh sign him up fast. Even faster than that. Not only is it produced well, but I often think of what the thoughts are of somebody who is WIRED this way. And for those of us OUT HERE, we're certainly glad they are! He sh have his own page here so we can go visit any old time we please! Continued Success 2 U, Dan!

  • hillary.okeefe

    Thanks for your note, Adrienne! I hope Dan knows he has such passionate fans out there :)

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