Like A Boss: June 2013

Like A Boss is a collection of work from Coroflot members that was either found in our Awesomeness category or needs to be moved to our Awesomeness category. Each month you'll find one project or image that wins at being super cool, quirky, amazing, or just plain awesome. 

The graceful and subdued design of Valieria Stroukova's earrings from her project titled, The Shield, are just the beginning of why this wins my Like A Boss nomination for the month. 

Silence is a commodity these days, and, as Valeria puts it, "has become vague and almost unheard of." With one beautiful design, the wearer would achieve a respit from a noisy world and catch inquisitive glances from passers by. I call that combination of aesthetic and practical value pure Awesomeness. 

See the rest of Valeria's The Shield project, including a few interesting production stills. 

If you've created or found a project on Coroflot that you think deserves to be featured for its Awesomeness, I want to hear from you. Send me a note at about the work and why it should be next month's Like A Boss feature. 

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