Like A Boss: May 2013

Like A Boss is a collection of work from Coroflot members that was either found in our Awesomeness category or needs to be moved to our Awesomeness category. Each month you'll find one project or image that wins at being super cool, quirky, amazing, or just plain awesome. 

This month, Awesomeness was found in Bill Main's early 2012 project titled "Illustration". My eye was initally caught by the cover image, Ron Swanson's Turf and Turf, seen below. But then I discovered so much more. 

Super Mario, Weird Al, Captain America, Hulk Hogan, Preditor, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all lept from my screen in brilliant colors and gritty, life-like detail. Peruse the entire project to appreciate all those and a handfull of other gorgeous, imaginitive works. 

Like A BossIllustrationAwesomenessGraphic Design

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