We've Updated the Coroflot Experience!

Perhaps you've noticed some changes on Coroflot recently? We are always thinking of ways to make Coroflot the best portfolio hosting, job finding and job posting experience you've ever had. This week, we quietly unveiled a number of updates that will enhance your experience every time you visit our site. Let us know what you think of them by leaving a comment!

1) Full Screen Presentation

Enjoy a more immersive experience when viewing projects on our home page and on the Projects page. The full screen presentation and responsive layout means you get to see more results no matter how you're viewing it. 

2) See Who's On Coroflot

We added a list of the 10 most recently active Coroflot members on the home page so you can see who's been uploading, commenting, favoriting, etc. This makes it easier to connect with new community members and check in on what your existing connections are doing. 

3) Focus Your Attention

Within any individual project, you can now favorite specific images rather than the entire project, allowing you to express your interest and admiration for the work in a more focused way. The gray Heart icons can be found beneath the bottom left hand corner of all images whose creators enabled favoriting. 

Now that you see what we've updated, why not take a few minutes to check out your favorite designers on Coroflot, or explore our categories for inspiring new work. It's a Friday afternoon... we promise not to tell anyone. Enjoy!

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