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What is this?

After nearly 14 years of serving the creative and design community with porfolio hosting solutions and employment opportunities, we decided it was time to bring you more. Introducing The Compass, a blog from Coroflot designed to make navigating your creative career and hiring strategies even easier. This collection of editorial and curated content will come in handy when you want to gain more traction from your job postings, find an edge in your job search or simply have exciting design and creative work sent straight to your inbox. 

What will I find here?

The Compass will provide a variety of stories, features and advice for the job seekers and job posters we are committed to connecting. From guidance on raising your professional profile as a creative job seeker to tips on optimizing your job postings for maximum performance, we cover it all. 

We feel especially privileged to present two new interview series. First, the Talent Showcase will feature noteworthy Coroflot members whose careers and paths to success are too good not to share. The second series, Employer Spotlight, will feature leading and up-and-coming companies who post their jobs on the Coroflot job board. We’ll ask them about their hiring practices, what it’s like to work at the company and what they look for when searching for ideal candidates.

If you would like to be featured as the subject in either the Talent Showcase or Employer Spotlight, please write to feedback@coroflot.com.  

Who’s writing it all?

Our Senior Communications Manager Hillary O’Keefe is a job search expert who focuses on advancing the careers of those in the creative and design industries. You may have heard from her already if your work was featured on the Coroflot Facebook page or if your posting was selected for the Job of The Day feature on Core77. With a solid background in online marketing, PR, content generation, social media and blogging, she’s all set to make this blog informative, useful and entertaining. 

We hope The Compass sets you on the right path, no matter what your creative desination is. Please subscribe using the button above and leave as many comments and questions as you like. We look forward to hearing from you! 


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