Where's Your Resume?

Do designers and creative professionals need resumes? 

Yes. Absolutely. Unequivocally yes. 

You may be thinking, “But my work speaks for itself!” or “detailed resumes are just for corporate squares,” but the truth is, if you want to land a great job, packing a well written and creative resume in your professional arsenal increases your chances of being found and being hired.

Let’s consider three big reasons to invest your time and energy in a resume. 

First, a resume is your passport to discovery. Most online searches performed by hiring managers and recruiters are based on keywords. Whether it’s where you live, where you last worked, the skills you possess or your accomplishments, those facts are hard to find if all you have online is a portfolio of your work. Personal referrals are a valid source of employment too, but even if you’ve been recommended and technically have your “foot in the door”, it’s unlikely you’ll be offered an interview if the hiring manager can’t read more about your experience and expertise first. 

Second, a resume puts you in the driver's seat. We all know that design and visual aesthetics are highly subjective, but you can’t argue with facts. When a hiring manager or recruiter finds your resume, you can be confident that what you’ve written represents exactly who you are, what your career looks like so far, and most importantly, what type of job is best for you. This ensures you’ll be discovered for appropriate opportunities and you’re in control of what decision makers at companies learn about you. 

Third, you’re an incredibly creative person, and your resume is yet another chance to impress the pants off your future employer! Even if print design isn’t your thing, any resume that steps beyond the traditional plain text on white paper construct will grab attention and get you started with a great first impression. 

Speaking of great first impressions, a resume with a hook is even more powerful than a resume that is simply pleasing to the eyes and easy to read. 


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